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Amerie's time on Def Jam amounted to only one album, In Love & War, released in 2009.

After that, the singer plotted albums -- Cymatika, Vol.

In the vacuum left by Top Of The Pops, the tabloidization of pop became the real mass market.Stars are no longer revered so much as cut down to size.That it would all end in tears was sadly predictable but self destruction has never sounded so uplifting.Umbrella (2007) Rihanna The Rn B starlet's inescapable soundtrack to a rain-soaked summer. Mr Brightside (2004) The Killer Jealousy, paranoia and pop rock hysteria from Las Vegas’s finest Watch it on You Tube Buy it on i Tunes 24. Gold Digger (2005) Kanye West Jamie Foxx gave Kanye’s kiss-off to avaricious ladies a raw blues edge. Dry Your Eyes (2004) The Streets Mike Skinner’s urban vernacular bloke-ballad had 'em sobbing into their pints. Hey Ya (2003) Outkast The battle of duelling egos in Outkast was thrown into overdrive when Andre 3000, one half of the Atlanta hip hop duo, was cloned eight times in the video for this goofily contagious Prince-ish funk-rocker, and conquered the globe. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (2001) Kylie Never has a pop song more effectively done what it says on the tin: the Cathy Dennis and Rob Davis-penned single sinks its playground chant of a hook into the brain and just refuses to let go as Kylie sexes it up. Seven Nation Army (2003) The White Stripes Driven by the noughties’ best rock riff (not a bass, a semi-acoustic guitar dropped down an octave) this channeled all Jack White’s anger and ambition into an electric yowl aimed at everyone “from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell”. Hurt (2002) Johnny Cash A ridiculously potent Nine Inch Nails cover delivered in weary Old Testament tones that cut to the marrow. The London born Sri Lankan Tamil mixes up The Clash with Bhangra beats, while gunshots and cash registers ring out. Yellow (2000) Coldplay The song that launched Coldplay’s stadium filling career and spawned a decade of male falsetto choruses (see James Blunt etc) Chris Martin’s plaintive call of unrequited love had no title until he found a copy of the Yellow Pages in the studio. Crazy In Love (2003) Beyonce Something old, something new: this unstoppably groovy club slammer marries a raspy 70’s Chi-Lites horn sample with a hip hop inflected go-go beat.Mercy (2008) Duffy Catchy, organ-funk-propelled game of Northern soul dress-up. Get Ur Freak On (2001) Missy Elliot When Timbaland’s twangy bhangra beats met Missy’s tough urban attichude. Rock Star (originally 2005, re-release 2007) Nickelback Grunge rockers sold millions satirising a life of money and excess. One Day Like This Elbow (2008) Gloriously uplifting English anthem now used on every third television programme. The Fear (2009) Lily Allen Lily Allen skewers the contemporary cult of celebrity amid timeless electro-pop. Patience (2006) Take That The 90s boyband just needed a little ti-ii-ii-ii-ime to return with this. Take Me Out (2004) Franz Ferdinand Time-shifting rock disco groove proved indie kids can dance. Toxic (2004) Britney Spears Sweet, exotic, silly and sexy as an old Turkish Delight commercial. You’re Beautiful (2005) James Blunt Ode to fancying strangers on public transport captured the nation’s heart. Sounds of the Underground (2002) Girls Aloud Xenomania’s blend of electro and guitars set pop production standards. Beautiful Day (2000) U2 Between despair and optimism, U2’s sky-high anthem was appropriated for TV football. Crazy (2006) Gnarls Barkley Delicious Motown-esque meditation on insanity. Acted as the great man’s elegy and the video, contrasting the frail Cash nearing his end with his boisterous younger self, is heart-breaking. Bleeding Love (2008) Leona Lewis Even Simon Cowell must have been embarrassed with Pop Idol and X Factor’s parade of cruise ship cabaret fodder before Leona Lewis’s supple vocals restored some credibility to his search for a superstar. The romantic union of R’n’B sweetheart Beyonce Knowles with heavyweight rap supremo Jay Z added frisson to the affair. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (2005) Arctic Monkeys Britain’s new favourite band, the fresh faced Sheffield quartet were a word of myspace sensation.

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