Updating airport firmware

Tap the HD/SD icon to toggle between HD and SD video quality.

Tap the Night vision icon to toggle night vision between on/off/auto.

i OS 11 makes the world’s most popular intelligent assistant even more helpful. For example, as you type, Siri can suggest names of movies, places or anything you’ve recently viewed.

Through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, Siri can send a message, set a timer, be your personal DJ and so much more. If you tell a friend you’re on your way, Siri can suggest your ETA.

It’s the biggest thing to come to the App Store since apps. It learns on your device and is able to anticipate what you want, and make suggestions before you ask.

Many of your personal settings, preferences and content will be quickly and securely imported. Developers have enormous possibilities with i OS 11.

ARKit makes it easy to build fantastic augmented reality experiences into apps.

i Pad has always been a powerful way to work, play and learn. New features and capabilities let you get more done more quickly and easily, making your i Pad experience even more powerful and personal. Because now The new Files app brings all your files together.

You can easily browse, search and organise all your files in one place. So with just a swipe, you can open and switch apps instantly.

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