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Those men who could control horses began commanding well paid and respectable work and according to esoteric author Ben Fernee "The ploughmen did not own the land, the horses, the harness, the ploughs or their homes but they took control of the new technology, the horses, and ensured that only a brother of the Society of the Horseman's Word might work them...unmarried ploughmen lived hard lives, drank hard, played rough and chased women.” The Horseman's Word operated as a form of early trade union which protected the secrets of the growing number of men who worked with draft horses in north-eastern Scotland.This highly-enchanted word enabled horsemen to "draw or jade" any horse rendering them immobile at will, which no power on earth could shift until the horseman himself released it." It was also believed to have the power to render women powerless and open to carnal suggestion and the seductive powers of horsemen were so ingrained in rural Scottish life that an unmarried girl made pregnant by a horseman using the magic word, was regarded with no disapproval because it was accepted that the ‘Word’ made her "incapable of withstanding the persuasion of her seducer.” Trying to rationalise the magic of the Horsemen, but not for a second in which he suggested it was "a survival of an ancient pagan cult that had been persecuted in the witch trials in the Early Modern period.” It was not.

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But imagine a magic word that when whispered into the ear of any woman, it teleported you from hurdle 1 to 4 in an instant. From Abracadabra to the now famous spells of Harry Potter, magic words are no longer the reserve of pagans, alchemists, witches, occultists and secret societies.

Davidson in 1664, in Renfrewshire, Southern Scotland.

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