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Yet what is power in the hands of an expert can be fraught with peril for the unwary.

Once you've mastered regular expressions, they'll become an invaluable part of your toolkit. Yet despite their wide availability, flexibility, and unparalleled power, regular expressions are frequently underutilized.

Regular expression in java defines a pattern for a String. Pattern Example.main(Pattern So if your requirement is just to check if the input String matches with the pattern, you should save time and lines of code by using simple String matches method.

Regular Expression can be used to search, edit or manipulate text. You should use Pattern and Matches classes only when you need to manipulate the input String or you need to reuse the pattern.

This free Java regular expression tester lets you test your regular expressions against any entry of your choice and clearly highlights all matches. Consult the regular expression documentation or the regular expression solutions to common problems section of this page for examples. You can create range of characters using the hyphen character such as A-Z (A to Z).

If you need more examples or solutions, please contact me. Note that in character sets, special characters (., *, ) do not have any special meaning. This means match anything that is a single white space character OR anything that is not a white space character!

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This regex will tolerate the form XXX XXX XXX, XXXXXXXX or XXX-XXX-XXX. Since every part of a path is separated by a \ character, we only need to find the last one.

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