Over sedating in endoscopy procedures

But does this response meet the highest standards of professionalism?

In my opinion, the turf war is wrong, but it does not justify introducing the cost of an anesthesia provider into routine endoscopic procedures.

But i found the courage to go to the hospital to have it done the nurse asked me if i wanted sedation i said no way so she said OK the dr will have a word with you.

The dr came in and asked me again about sedation and i said no so he said ok we will do it TRANSNASAL so no need to go through the mouth no need for sedation and I have to say it was a alright procedure a slight bit of dicomfit in the nasal passage (brought a tear to my eye) but i was able to breath properly and also talk no gagging and best of all NO sedation.

I am enjoying the longest period of being well at then moment.

Mirtazapine does take a while to work however but I can take it without the grogginess of other anti d's.

Once I have take my meds at night my legs quickly feel heavy so I have to head off to bed. I started off on 15mg on Mirtazapine to introduce it to my system with the plan of going up to 30mg after a month which I did.

Having been through the A to Z of AD's in the past, Mirtazapine for me have not only been the most effective by far, but also the one with the least side effects.

They have definitely changed my life for the better, so I would say in another 2 to 4 weeks you should start to feel the benefits. Hi Coco I too have benefited enormously from mirtazipine and having suffered on and off for some years and tried different meds this one has been the best. Jo.x Hi Coco, I too am taking Mirtazapine; 15mg for 2 weeks and then increased to 30mg which I have been taking for another 2 weeks.

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I have been taking 15mg for 2 weeks and I feel better in that I can sleep etc but Im not sure if it has helped my general mood yet ? Thanks for your time x Hi Cocomademoiselle, I love the smell of that perfume! Ive been on 15mg for 2 weeks I feel something but not much better. We discussesd Mirtazapine or Venlafaxine and went for the Mirt.

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