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Which makes the steadfast, almost maniacal buildup of overtones on his first album, , feel all the more profound.

Deeply focused and attuned to the play of overlapping drones that arise from the hammered piano keys, Palestine creates a sustained sound that is transportive.

He has released numerous cassettes over the years, but few reach the sumptuous highs as this 1987 album.

Much like the cover photo suggests (which Laraaji took while on a flight), the album takes you above the clouds.

Jazz musicians like John and Alice Coltrane sought to infuse Eastern sensibilities to Western music to achieve a universal sound, which often included sitar and tambura in a jazz setting.

Palestine also began making noise on the gallery scene, with punk-like performances wherein he smashed himself against gallery walls or else did piano performances in a cognac-fueled trance surrounded by teddy bears.But at the end of the decade, bebop took over and his gigs dried up.So Scott split from America and traveled through Southeast Asia, ultimately winding up in Japan, playing in a Hindu temple and getting hip to Lord Krishna.Focus on any one element and the whole grows fuzzy, to where your perception of the piece appears to alter the whole.A fine piece to observe, as Jamaican guru Mooji puts it, “you are the knower of knowledge; you perceive perceiving.” Laraaji, Essence/ Universe (1987)In a now infamous story, in the late 1970s comedian-musician Larry Gordon was busking in Washington Square Park on his autoharp, eyes closed as he went deep into his performance.

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It’s soft enough that oft times the piece hovers at the edge of perception.

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