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One protester wearing a mask of Trump held up a placard depicting the U. president in the shape of a chicken, with the words, 'Toxic nationalist', on its belly.

Journalists picking up their credentials on Tuesday at the Grand Hyatt were told they couldn't hear Bannon's speech, but weren't given any reasons.

He told The New York Times last week that he planned to bring his forceful brand of America-firstism to the Far East, a talk focused on U. economic nationalism, the populist revolt that swept Trump to power, and how both phenomena impact Asia and its financial markets.

Previewing the speech in the pages of the Times put the event on the political map and threw a sharp spotlight on what Bannon would say.

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Bannon last month told The American Prospect, a liberal magazine, that the U. is 'at economic war with China.' That observation was part of an exit interview timed to explain his rapid departure from the West Wing exactly one year after signing on as CEO of Trump's insurgent presidential campaign. The younger generation is so patriotic, almost ultranationalistic.''We have to reassert ourselves as the real Asian power: economically, militarily, culturally, politically,' he told the Times.

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