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Needless to say, this spread like wildfire, because this fucking skank microwaved a Goddamn baby turtle. Or should we be looking at Shanitha Blocker – the woman who bore a child, had nine months to think of a name, and came up with “Jonasia”? I’m only a 13 year old girl , what I did was dumb and stupid.Because when word spread about what she had done she actually doubled-down. The mother, who is clearly a ghetto queen cliche, even posted that they had added the Turtle to the family on April 3rd. A baby animal lasted less than two months in their house before her fucked up kid nuked it. I’m going to guess that this behavior is normal with these trash bags. Your newly teenage daughter buying momma a special bottle of Henny. Everything you put on that blog was wrong and unacceptable.

When a hepatitis B infection lasts longer than six months, it is considered a chronic or long-term infection.

Some tests are rather expensive and they may still need to be repeated over time in order to confirm the diagnosis. The good news is that hepatitis B is not typically an emergency. If you are a healthy adult and are newly or acutely infected, know that your chances are good that the hepatitis B infection will go away on its own.

It is rare that you require medication to get rid of the virus, your immune system does that for you.

Meet Jonasia Simpson, who as far as we can tell, is about fifteen years-old. We don’t usually write about hoodsies but this one is special.

Remember her face because you’ll hate her as long as you’re alive. Go play with your snapchat filters like a good brainless teenager. I’m sure glad that she used her EBT cash to buy the poor little turtle guy.

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To determine if you have an acute or chronic infection, you must be tested for hepatitis B over a six-month period.

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