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When you're inside, you will hear screaming coming from a distant room in the house.

Down in the basement there are ropes that people used to hang themselves with.

The kitchen clock would cease working when certain people entered the kitchen.Many girls have claimed to have heard the piano in one of the school buildings being played, while no one was in the building.After a student drowned in the school, pool stories surfaced of the victim tugging at the swimmers legs.As people pass a hallway that has mirrors on both sides of the wall, they have seen the old woman or man in the reflection. Workers have reported hearing whistling in the arena after closing.The arena has also been reported to fill up with fog, long after the fog machines have been shut off.

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- February 2004 Update/Correction: Was formerly posted under Palo Altos – It is actually located 20 miles outside of Paso Robles - A ghost researcher visited this cemetery in August 17, 2001 and even though they did not see any ghosts while taking photos, an apparition which may have been "Charlotte" showed up on their film/negative, along with another one of a large orb. Accident appears to recreate itself, most strongly on the anniversary of the accident.

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