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Background information The RCGP has identified autism as a clinical priority and between 20 it will be facilitating projects aimed at improving autism awareness and management in primary care.

A survey of GPs conducted in 2015 showed that although many are knowledgeable about autism, they lack confidence in their abilities to manage patients on the spectrum and the need more support from local specialist services.

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A resource pack to support GPs and their teams to make their surgeries more visibly friendly for patients with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Contains many of the above resources, and was mailed to each practice in May 2016.

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National This section contains useful articles for people on the autistic spectrum, on what autism is, and how to make the most of visits to the doctor, plus other background information and resources.Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects at least 1% of the population.There is an urgent need to improve healthcare of people with autism.So then I have to rip the link, and tear My eyes away, to whatever’s near; Perhaps the table, perhaps the embroidered Pillow resting on the swivel-chair.But then you’d wonder why; assume A gnat, or flashing light, had grabbed my sight; Query why I was so grotesquely rude, to break Mid-sentence.

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New research shows that autistic people die on average 16 years earlier than the general population and the gap in mortality increases if they also have learning disabilities.

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