5 things you should know before dating a journalist

the use of brackets to help 'order' the way tasks are performed), and the idea of a co-ordinate space (ie.defining x and y coordinates to represent where things will be in a two-dimensional space.) Neither are enormously complicated. The ability to think things through, understand the order in which they will take place, and have a sense of how to control that flow, pervades every aspect of programming.

Getting comfortable with doing things within things is going to be a big part of your programming learning curve, so, again, it helps to get to grips with it early. You might say it was neither, but was in fact because that precise moment - pm - is the fish witching hour. You'll come across similar situations to this one all the time when you're coding.If you have an aptitude for logic, you're going to be in a good position to start wrestling with the task of programming.One way to think about programming is as a series of 'processes' that you set running - a bit like you're getting the computer to 'do a job for you' - and whose interactions you manage.The problem with processes is that, unless you do something with their outcomes, they just disappear into thin air.They literally 'slip into oblivion', never to be recovered, much like a shooting streaks across the sky and is gone. One of my earliest exposures to programming was via 'Hackety Hack', a follow-along Ruby tutorial written by a guy called _why.

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In the time since, I've learnt a lot about programming. Nor is it a 'which programming language should I learn? If you're wondering whether you might want to explore the world of code, I'd say there are more important questions to ask first up, namely: what is programming? One of the greatest misconceptions about programming - certainly at beginner levels - is that it is full of maths.

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